Lorīnas gaitas "Instagram" tīklā ieinteresējušas vairāk nekā 3,6 miljonus šī sociālā tīkla lietotāju. Gudrā blondīne ar satriecoši skaisto augumu savus sekotājus priecē ar visnotaļ pikantiem un kārdinošiem kadriem, kuros iespējams novērtēt viņas labi trenēto ķermeni, kā arī fotogrāfijām, kurās iemūžinātas viņas ikdienas gaitas.

Kā intervijās stāstījusi Lorīna, viņa strādājot kā negudra, lai nezaudētu formu – medmāsiņas darbu simpātiskā sieviete veiksmīgi apvienojusi ar fitnesa nodarbībām. Tāpat arī viņa sākusi piedalīties bikini skaistuļu sacīkstēs.

Lorīna medmāsiņas diplomu ieguva pirms astoņiem gadiem, bet nesen viņa vēlējusies dzīvē pārmaiņas un pievērsusies ļaužu izglītošanai par veselīgu uzturu.

"Es gribēju dzīvē pārmaiņas. Un es gribēju turpināt palīdzēt citiem nezaudēt kontroli par savu veselību," sacījusi seksīgā medmāsiņa.

Daily Mail - thanks for feature & article! Click link in bio. Feeling so thankful to represent the nursing community and I hope my message that seeking strength & fitness is the key to health, happiness and good aesthetics. #nurse

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I used to be really self conscious of my thick legs. Growing up, skinny girls with thin legs, huge thigh gaps and no shape or muscle seemed to be what the media pushed and my peers desired. Even modeling agencies told me I was way too "big" for any type of modeling work. I didn't originally start training to get more muscular. I did it as a way to discipline my mind and body. The beginning of my passion with weightlifting was an emotional release. I took my daily stress and anxiety out at the gym and on the weights. I actually got self conscious of how "big" my legs got after the first year of weightlifting thinking it wasn't desirable for a woman to have muscular legs. Even social media would tell me big legs were "manly." I'm so happy now I didn't cave to the pressures. It wasn't until I decided to embrace my body and push the envelope for what a woman can be that I grew more confident. Society couldn't define me. My peers couldn't define me. Random haters couldn't distract me from my goals. This was my love and passion and I finally fell in love with both the strength it gave me and the newfound confidence I had lacked. Be you. Others will always critique. Let them. Keep smiling. 🤓 @michaeloliveri | @jessicakeehus

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